Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sherman Arts "All Creatures" Compilation (a story)

Once upon a time, Cliff and Lindsay, also known as Birdlips, lived in a cute little house in the Woolen Mills neighborhood of Charlottesville, VA. It was a glorious neighborhood, full of cute little houses; old houses with lots of personality and all kinds of characters who lived inside them. In the backyard behind Cliff and Lindsay's house there was a family of groundhogs: a mama and two babies who lived under a shed. Just down the street there was a warehouse called DUST that had lots of sweet underground shows. Lindsay and Cliff went to many of these shows and eventually played at one of these shows with a delightful band from Louisiana called The Peekers. Lindsay and Cliff had seen the Peekers before and loved them and were very happy to play with them and see them again.

After the show, the Peekers gave Cliff and Lindsay this:

It was a CD by another artist on their label (Park the Van Records), a singer songwriter named Pepi Ginsberg. Cliff and Lindsay played the CD in their car whenever they were driving around over the next few weeks and thought it was soooo coool.

Months past, and then randomly one night Lindsay and Cliff found themselves in the DC area with nothing to do. Upon checking the listings at the local venues they saw that none other than Pepi Ginsberg was performing at a small little club in the Atlas District that Birdlips had played at many times before: The Red and The Black. Lindsay and Cliff went to the show and were totally blown away. Pepi and her band were even better live than on the CD!

Cliff and Lindsay talked to Pepi after the show about music, booking shows, being in a band, etc. and it came out that Birdlips was trying to play some shows in Philly in the near future. Pepi, who is from Philly, recommended playing The Greenline Cafe. A guy named Rich Wexler set up shows there on a regular basis under the name Sherman Arts and did a great job promoting independent artists in the area.

One thing led to another and soon Birdlips was playing the Greenline Cafe every time they passed through Philly. Rich had his act together and made sure there were always some other cool local bands on the bill, and some interested peoples in the audience. He also hooked Birdlips up with some free sandwiches to fill their starving bellies on numerous occasions.

One of Birdlips' favorite memories of Rich in action at a show was when several people were talking during another band's set. The Greenline is a small place and it is so annoying when people are talking during the music! Rich walked up to them and said, "If you want to talk while the band is playing, you can do it outside." That was awesome. Rich is someone who cares about the music.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Rich is hanging up his Sherman Arts hat and passing the baton so he can pursue other paths in life for the time being. As a parting gift, he has put together a wonderful little compilation of bands he has worked with over the past few years. Birdlips is one of those bands, but there are also 36 other band on the compilation as well. It's free to download, and highly recommended.


More info about the compilation HERE.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Farewell to DC tonight

TONIGHT we are opening for Vetiver at IOTA in Arlington!

IOTA Club and Cafe
2832 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 522-8340
** 8:30PM $15 **

Howdy folks. Cliff from Birdlips here. Lindsay and I have recently decided to move to the West Coast, specifically San Francisco. We are leaving in February so this will probably be our last show in the DC area for who knows how long. We were able to land this gig opening for Vetiver, a really awesome band who just also happens to be from San Fran, so we figured it would be an appropriate farewell show.

You can listen to Vetiver's great music here:

We will also be playing a farewell show in Charlottesville Friday Feb. 12 at the Southern.

Birdlips needs your help!

Do you know anyone in San Francisco who might be hiring / subletting / renting out their place / or possibly looking for house sitters? Or any cool people we should try to hang out with when we get there? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. We need all the help we can get.

Also, you can now support us by buying our music (pay what you want) directly from us on bandcamp, or you can listen for free:


Saturday, January 9, 2010


December was a whirlwind of Family Events and Holiday Things You Have To Do. As far as holidays go, I don't care much for Christmas but family is important and we are soooo lucky to have fantastic, supportive families to spend time with.

In an effort to block out the massive avalanche of xmas consumer crap that explodes in your face this time of year, we tried to make our own holiday cards and most of the meager gifts we gave. It was a semi-successful and extremely time consuming endeavor, but very much worth it. Making things is fun, especially when you are doing it with love.

I scanned some of the cards we made before we sent them so I would have something to post on this blog which we have been neglecting. Poor bloglips.