Monday, February 23, 2009

Some 'roids from Feb Tour

Gravity Lounge (Charlottesville, VA) - 2/12/09

Holy crap, people actually payed money to see us!
We love you guys!

James from La Strada, kicking ass on the accordion.

La Strada ('the road' in Italian) is amazing. Super sweet string arrangements and just an all around great live band. Getting to see them play four nights in a row was a real treat. They have an EP coming out real soon. Check their myspace page for upcoming shows.

Kaveh played a rockin' set with DBB Plays Cups, then got too drunk to stand. DBB Plays Cups is an incredible musical project led by David Benson. Check out his recent interview with UVA's the Declaration: READ IT HERE

The Camel (Richmond, VA) - 2/11/09

The band we were supposed to open for canceled last minute because their van broke down or something but we got the pleasure of meeting a fantastic musician new to the Richmond scene, Ward Combs. Go catch him live somewhere for some really beautiful original tunes.

Iota (DC) - 2/10/09

Great turnout, great sound, great venue. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and they have the best fries in the world. Devon Sproule & Her In-Laws were amazing. They covered "This Will Be Our Year" by the Zombies, which we really enjoyed. Really liked what we've heard of her husband as well. Ben Rowny shot this video of us playing "tire chains" out back on the patio behind Iota after the show:

Birdlips - Tire Chains from Ben Rowny on Vimeo.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tour Dates: February 2009

2/10 - IOTA - Arlington, Va - w/Devon Sproule & Her In-Laws
2/11 - The Camel - Richmond, Va - w/The Delicious
2/12 - Gravity Lounge - Charlottesville, Va w/La Strada + DBB Plays Cups
2/13 - Bobo Gallery - Asheville, NC - w/La Strada + King Tut
2/14 - The Owl Room - Chapel Hill, NC - w/La Strada + Wes Phillips
2/15 - The Cave - Chapel Hill, NC - w/La Strada
2/20 - Millcreek Tavern - Philadelphia, PA
2/21 - Pianos - NYC

Some Favorites of 2008 (Part 3)

High Places

A "new-primitive" duo out of Brooklyn. I love bands that sound like their name, and this is a great example. High Places sound like wind spirits rippling through the evergreens on the top of a misty mountain, carrying the faint nursery rhyme chants of girls playing in the valley below. This is some fresh, cool, spring water music. They put out a really exciting collection of singles (“03/07 – 09/07”) a while back and this, their self-titled debut, is even better.

Check out an entire incredible live show of theirs at Market Hotel in Brooklyn over at

Dungen - 4

I fell in love with Dungen when I first saw the video for "Panda" off their 2004 LP Ta Det Lungt. Got to see them at Satellite Ballroom back in '06 and it was rediculous. There was hardly anyone there and they had this huge wall of vintage gear and they were on their way to play at Bonnaroo and barely spoke any English. Their music sounds like it was recorded in 1969, ONLY BETTER. All their records are chock-full of incredible fuzzed-out, acid-drenched psychedelia. Check out their latest for the sickest guitar, keyboard, drum and bass tones you have ever heard. Make sure you got yourself a decent pair of speakers or headphones.


Deerhunter - Microcastle / Wierd Era Continued

This one has been getting many rotations in the Birdlips tour-mobile. As I might have mentioned before, Bradford Cox from Deerhunter and Atlas Sound is kinda an idol of mine. This double CD set is amazing. I mean, just look at the track titles for Weird Era Cont. Does it get any better than that?

01 Backspace Century
02 Operation
03 Ghost Outfit
04 Dot Gain
05 Vox Celeste
06 Cicadas
07 Vox Humana
08 VHS Dream
09 Focus Group
10 Slow Swords
11 Weird Era
12 Moon Witch Cartridge
13 Calvary Scars II / Aux. Out